Montana Whiskey Club - Barrel Program

Montana Whiskey Club

Barrel Program

Starting at $7,995

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Invest in your very own whiskey barrel

The BSD whiskey barrel program will give whiskey advocates, liquor stores, as well as friends and family the opportunity to invest in their very own whiskey barrel. Groups or individuals may purchase a 53 gallon barrel, which we fill, age, and bottle in house. Pre-aged barrels are also available for sale. Barrels will be labeled with a plaque displaying the name of the individual, group, or business to whom the respective barrel belongs, and the original barreling date.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

  • Between 20-25 12 pack cases of your very own whiskey. (750ml bottles).*

  • Barrel/Cask Strength upon request. This will yield fewer bottles.

  • Personalized labels on your whiskey bottles.  

  • A yearly group tasting and tour at the distillery. You can taste your whiskey at this time.

  • A yearly sample of your whiskey.

  • Your personalized whiskey barrel and/or barrelhead.

  • When the time is right, you will be able to bottle your own barrel with friends.


Aging Process

Due to the nature of the whiskey aging process, we cannot tell you exactly how many bottles your barrel will yield. Whiskeys that age for longer periods of time tend to yield smaller amounts due to evaporation and absorption. Typically, after one year of aging there are 30 cases of 12 bottles. Approximately 10% of liquid inside the barrel evaporates each year. This is called the Angel Share. So, each year there is less liquid to bottle. We recommend that your whiskey age for at least two years.

Why own a Whiskey Barrel?

The immediate answer is, why not? But here are a few great reasons to own your own whiskey barrel.

  • Lets be honest, every whiskey connoisseur wants their very own whiskey barrel.

  • To create a special corporate gift.

  • To celebrate a special event.

  • Create your very own label.

We are more than happy to work with you to help make the dream of owning your own barrel a reality. From selecting the right barrel for you, to labeling and bottling, we look forward to helping you with the process. For serious inquiries and further details please contact