Our Water

Water Quality

From Mountain Top to Bar Top

Just south of Bozeman lies the Gallatin mountain range. With several drainages that emerge from the snowcapped peaks, water meanders its way into the valley and eventually into your glass.

Pretty much every distillery around the country claims they have the best water and through various means of acquiring the water...deep wells pulling water out of limestone caverns or piping water in from another area! We do neither. But we can claim some of the purest water around.

Why “purest” you ask...simply stated; we are uniquely situated east of the continental divide and the water that melts from the high mountain peaks around us, end up flowing all the way to the ocean via the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, so we get it first! See the above photo of the snow covered mountain peak...this is Mount Blackmore...when this snow melts, falls down several water falls and into Hyalite, Sourdough and Bozeman Creeks. These creeks provide for our local watershed and we in turn use it for making Vodka, Whiskey and Gin...from Mountain Top to Bar Top! Cheers and come in and enjoy some of the “Purest” Spirits around these parts.