Montana Cold Spring Vodka - 80 Proof

Our Vodka is distilled with a 300 gallon Artisan Craft Still, with a 16 plate column. We use pure Rocky Mountain water from Bozeman Montana. Cold Spring Vodka is a smooth, enjoyable vodka on the rocks or in a Moscow Mule!



Naturally-flavored Huckleberry Vodka - 80 Proof

Our naturally flavored Huckleberry Vodka offers a subtle flavor that goes well with lemonade on a warm summer day. A unique product that is flavored with the characteristics of the wild mountain huckleberry.


Montana 1889 Whiskey - 80 Proof

Montana 1889 Whiskey is named after the year we entered the union. Made with 3 grains: Montana malted barley, Montana rye and corn, all milled in Montana. Distilled and Aged in Downtown Bozeman in new 53 gallon American Oak Barrels.


Ruby River Gin - 80 Proof

Sitting along the bank of the Ruby River, tying on a dry fly, I couldn't help notice how clear the water was...what I would call “Gin clear”. I thought to myself, what a great name for our Gin. So take a sip, cast a line and enjoy this Gin on the rocks or one of my favorite drinks, Gin & Juice!


Montana Cold Spring Lemon Vodka - 70 Proof

Our naturally flavored Lemon Vodka offers a subtle citrus flavor, great for martinis and other cocktails. A unique product that is flavored with the characteristics of this versatile citrus.


Prairie Schooner Spiced Rum - 80 Proof

The intrepid souls pressing into the new frontier of the west set forth carrying only their dearest and most useful possessions, packed tight into wagons affectionately dubbed “prairie schooners”, they set sail across vast plains on a journey fraught with difficulty and danger. Rum, America’s first spirit was with them on their journey, to soothe their frayed nerves and tired bodies. 


Sidecar Rum Cream - 30 Proof

Creamy and delicious. Need we say more? 


Bobcat Gold Bourbon - 84 Proof

Bobcat Gold Bourbon is a limited yearly release. Typically available by the end of August until it sells out. This is a higher corn content that Montana 1889 Whiskey. 84 Proof which pays homage to the year 1984 when the Montana State Men's Football team won the National Championship. Go Cats!!!