Whiskey Drinks


1889 Whiskey Cocktails



The Timbo’s namesake originated late in the evening during an employee party. Our distiller claimed that he needed an assistant in the form of a monkey which he would name ‘Timbo.’ He never got his way, so we decided to use the name for a cocktail instead.

1889 Whiskey, Honey Simple Syrup, Bordeaux Cherry, 2 Dashes of Angostura, Twist of Orange

‘89 Sunshine

This cocktail is simple and fresh. Named after the summer sun that we relish after long, cold winters in Montana.

1889 Whiskey, Muddled Bordeaux Cherries, Fresh Lemonade


1889 Julep

Our take on a classic. We serve Juleps all summer long in our tasting room. Try adding a few dashes of peach bitters to add another dynamic to this classic cocktail.

1889 Whiskey, Muddled Mint, 1/2 Lime Squeeze, Simple Syrup