Whiskey Drinks


1889 Whiskey Cocktails



The Timbo’s namesake originated late in the evening during an employee party. Our distiller claimed that he needed an assistant in the form of a monkey which he would name ‘Timbo.’ He never got his way, so we decided to use the name for a cocktail instead.

1889 Whiskey, Honey Simple Syrup, 2 Dashes of Angostura. Stir and Strain over fresh ice. No muddling here. Garnish with a Twist of Orange & Bordeaux Cherry.


‘89 Sunshine

This cocktail is simple and fresh. Named after the summer sun that we relish after long, cold winters in Montana.

1889 Whiskey & Muddled Bordeaux Cherries. Add a dash of Bordeaux Cherry Juice and top with Fresh Lemonade. Garnish with a Twist of Lemon.


1889 Julep

Our take on a classic. We serve Juleps all summer long in our tasting room. Try adding a few dashes of peach bitters to add another dynamic to this classic cocktail.

1889 Whiskey, Muddled Mint, 1/2 Lime Squeeze, Simple Syrup. Garnish with a Healthy Mint Sprig.

Montana Mule.jpg

BSD Old Fashioned

A classic cocktail that will never go out of style.

Muddle Bordeaux Cherries, Orange Slice, Teaspoon of Raw Sugar, & Angostura Bitters. Top with Ice. Add 2 oz of Montana 1889 Whiskey, Stir and Enjoy.

Hot Cinnamon Apple

2 oz of Montana 1889 Whiskey, 3 oz of Hot Apple Cider, Dash of Cinnamon & Nutmeg. Serve in a Hot Toddy Glass.

Montana Mule

2 oz Montana 1889 Whiskey, Lime Squeeze, Top with Ginger Beer, Garnish with Lime Wedge. Serve in a Copper Mug.